Using Yulio to Present COVID-19 Compliant Spaces

May 07, 2020

Many of us are heading into our second consecutive month of working from home, and it’s most likely that most of North America will still observe restrictions until at least the end of May. While the primary focus for many businesses so far has been creating processes, setting up necessary applications and adopting new technologies to support their employees working remotely, there’s been a recent shift with companies now asking themselves: what’s next? 

The reality of our current situation is even when we are able to return to the physical office, things won’t be returning back to “normal” for quite some time. Safety is and will continue to be a topic that every professional will be concerned about, especially when heading back into a workspace that has been left untouched since the peak of the crisis. Now with non-essential businesses now taking a serious look into what needs to be done, you can start to expect requests on creating designs that adhere to the safety guidelines presented as a result of this pandemic. Make the most out of this situation by using the power of virtual reality to highlight the various design elements you have included in your projects that showcases how your design is both stunning and COVID-19 compliant. 

Today we’ll be exploring how you can utilise our Yulio VR platform to help you present your COVID-19 compliant space to your clients. 


The Value of Virtually Showcasing your Projects


When you are unable to meet with your clients in person

The transition back to the office and normal practices will take time, and perhaps your client isn’t feeling too comfortable with the notion of meeting with you face-to-face right after returning to the office. Especially new clients or prospects that have never met you before, there isn’t a foundation of trust and rapport that could ease their anxieties. Uploading your renderings to be viewed on a VR platform allows you to connect with your clients anywhere in the world and present your vision and designs remotely. 


When you Experience Zoom Fatigue

While Zoom has become one of the go-to video conferencing tools during this period of global remote work, it’s no secret that many people have started to get a little tired of the platform. Not to mention how easy it is to succumb to distractions even with an active web camera. Anyone can continue completing their tasks or have their focus averted elsewhere, so switching it up to something that is new or more engaging will be able to capture your client’s attention better. Or perhaps you’re just getting tired of sharing your screen and are looking for a better and more engaging alternative. Hosting a VR presentation is most likely a novel experience for most of your clients, and people are more drawn to and pay far more attention to new experiences. To revitalise your presentations and meetings, immerse your clients in an impressive virtual experience. 

Now, let’s explore how you can utilise Yulio’s features to make sure the details you have included are highlighted when presenting your COVID-19 compliant design. 



Collaborate is Yulio’s most popular feature as it gives our users a unique and effective way to present and connect with their clients in a virtual space. For those unfamiliar with this feature, Collaborate allows you and whoever you invite to your session to experience the same VR project at the same time, regardless of location. So if your clients wanted any further clarification about a product or configuration, you can instantly understand which part of your project you’re referring to. Not only does it give the presenter better insight on what to improve on for the next iteration, but also makes your presentation far more interactive and memorable. Plus, with our embedded presenter controls, you can spotlight any parts of your design that you want to draw your client’s extra attention towards. 

Yulio Collaborate

Let’s say a client you’re working with is looking for ways to break up how dense their workstations are currently positioned. Perhaps in your design, you have chosen to include more office plants and opted to include individual storage units in each station. Small details like these can often get lost in the overall design of the space. However, with our Collaborate feature, you can direct your viewers and highlight the small changes you have added that would make the workspace safer. 



Hotspots have always been the Yulio way of navigating through scenes or providing information in your VR designs. We created a library of hotspots that you can include in your projects that can highlight certain areas that are COVID-19 compliant. Whether it be a text or audio hotspot, adding more information into your VR experience shows your clients that you are taking extra precautions to pay attention to details to ensure their safety. Let’s explore a few hotspots you can include:  

Text Hotspot

Text Hotspots

With text hotpots, you can add in measurements of the distance from one configuration to another. You can also add in details of what you specifically changed in order to make the space as COVID-19 compliant as possible. 


Image Hotspot

Image Hotspots

One idea for using image hotspots is to add in a before and after shot to highlight the changes you made that will make a big difference. You can also use image hotspots as a way to show off different variations of your design to see which piece your client resonates with most. 


Audio Hotspot

Audio Hotspots

We’ve seen our clients utilise this feature to give their design a voice. Just like how it’s helpful to put a face towards a name, audio hotspots can breathe life into your VR experience. Plus, it gives the designer a chance to point out details they included, the motivation behind it, and the overall purpose of adding it in. 


Default Starting View

This feature gives you the flexibility and control as to what your clients will see first in the scene. Oftentimes when you render projects to be viewed in VR, everything may be perfect except for the opening shot. While this may be a small detail that would not have a detrimental effect to your presentation, we wanted to give you the added flexibility to capture the “money shot” of your scene to really impress your clients. Setting your Default Starting View allows you to control the direction for where your client should start exploring first. So whether that be an opening shot of all your hotspots in the scene or introducing a certain configuration you wanted to highlight, setting your Default Starting View is one way to draw attention to the details you have included in your COVID-19 compliant design. 

Default Starting View

Present your COVID-19 Compliant Office with Yulio

To say that our current COVID-19 crisis has completely altered how we do business would be an understatement. The office that we left when we began working remotely will need to look very different in order to ensure everyone’s safety in the workspace. However, this type of change and response is a positive and responsible step that every business will need to consider. So make sure all your hard work has been taken note of, and allow your clients to get an up close view of your efforts in making their space safer than it was before. 

We have always built our platform and its features with mobility in mind. That’s the only reason why we can deliver such a robust ecosystem of elements that can take your presentation to the next level. To learn more about our Yulio platform, its features, or how to get started, you can click here to schedule a time to chat with our team. If you’re ready to start using Yulio, start your free 30-day trial here

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Rachel Chan

Rachel Chan

Rachel is a writer for Yulio, covering all things VR. With a keen interest in creativity and innovation, Rachel enjoys seeing how businesses use VR in their workflow, and how they have been transformed by it.