Yulio VR Employee Highlight Reel: Interview with Rachel

October 17, 2019

Welcome back to another edition of Yulio VR Employee Highlight where we introduce our team who’s ideas and sense of how VR and AR should work have shaped Yulio from the ground up.

The Yulio VR expert team is working in roles that for the most part didn’t exist 5+ years ago, the VR job market was pretty minuscule. So the variety of experiences that led people here have created both expertise and variety in our team. And our history may lead you to the perfect VR job.

As we continue to highlight our Yulio team, this week on the Yulio VR Employee Highlight Reel, we’ll be learning more about our Sales and Marketing Coordinator… which happens to be me. If you have read any of our blog posts or have seen our social media posts in the past year, chances are you have interacted with what I do for Yulio. On top of maintaining our digital platforms, I assist the rest of the marketing team with bi-weekly sprint tasks or anything that springs up post-meeting. Being the youngest in the office, I enjoy making Highschool Musical references and using gifs in our team chat when the opportunity presents itself.


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Learn a little more about me and my experience with Yulio and VR!


A little bit about me

I’m what they call a “Third Culture Kid”. Although I am Canadian, I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Singapore for the majority of my formative years. I only started my “Canadian” life when I moved to Hamilton, Ontario for university after graduating from the Singapore American School. After taking multiple psychology courses in high school, I recognized how fascinating the brain and human behavior are, which is how I chose to major in Social Psychology at McMaster University. Although I do miss the bustling city life, the efficient public transit, and especially the FOOD of both Hong Kong and Singapore, the multiculturalism of Toronto really makes me feel at home.


How I found Yulio

I guess this is a success story for LinkedIn InMail! I was approached by a recruiter who sent a message into my LinkedIn inbox. It was pretty exciting for me since I had never been approached before and usually had to apply or reach out first. After a preliminary phone call, I interviewed with our (brilliant) marketing team and the rest is history.


A little bit about my role at Yulio

Like everyone else, my role consists of various tasks - this is definitely one thing I love most about Yulio. What I do consistently every week are our Yulio blog posts and running our social media accounts. Plus, when we do our bi-weekly sprint planning sessions, I assist the team or help with any tasks that go along with our objective. I’m also in charge of other smaller weekly or one-off tasks, but I definitely won’t bore anyone reading this by listing them all!


The first time I experienced VR

Goodness, I remember this like it was yesterday. On my first day at Yulio, I met with Chris, our Director of Marketing, and Ian, our CPO. Ian was showing me Yulio and what it can do, and boy was I amazed. Not only is Ian a really gifted visual storyteller, but I was completely captivated by the quality and how real the experience felt. I also remember when Dana, our Client Success Manager, was giving me a more detailed walk-through of Yulio, I remember taking off the goggles and suddenly remembering how small the room felt compared to the expanse shown on the headset. Needless to say, I was absolutely speechless.


If I could dream up any VR experience it would be...

I’m not too sure if this already exists, but having a robust platform where VR is used for counseling and therapy. I think many people struggle to find help let alone step out of the house to get it. I’m really interested in whether being able to partake in a therapy session inside an immersive environment (versus video chatting) is more effective. Whether it’s more effective or not though, I think meeting people where they’re at and providing an immersive solution could be really beneficial.


My hobbies outside of my VR job

It’s funny because when I write down these interviews with the rest of Yulio, everyone else has really exciting hobbies. I’m more of a homebody type of person where I love to do anything if I can stay at home. So whether it be knitting, watching a movie or baking, anything I can do without leaving the house sounds like a good time for me. The only thing I would gladly leave the house for is to travel to another country or for some really good food. When living in Hong Kong and Singapore, I was really spoiled for choice and everything was incredibly delicious. In terms of travel, I was lucky enough to go on a family road trip through Europe last summer. Our first leg started in Frankfurt and we drove down to Geneva. After a flight to London, we drove up to the beautiful city of Inverness in Scotland where people greeted “welcome to the Highlands” to some very confused Chinese tourists.

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An incredibly comforting sign before we went hiking in Inverness, Scotland.


My favorite Friday afternoon office game

This isn’t because I first introduced it to our office, but Dutch Blitz is my absolute favorite game. I used to play it with friends, which is how I first learned about it. While the game itself is really fun, it’s more so witnessing the stress and boisterous reactions. I must say though, I will defend my champion Dutch Blitz status against Stephen, but he has really given me a run for my money.


Thank you for tuning into a little Q&A about me! Stay tuned for some more interviews with the staff that power Yulio, and discover how we’re all learning more every day about our VR job!


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Rachel Chan

Rachel Chan

Rachel is a writer for Yulio, covering all things VR. With a keen interest in creativity and innovation, Rachel enjoys seeing how businesses use VR in their workflow, and how they have been transformed by it.