Highlights from Autodesk University 2022

October 21, 2022

For the first time since 2019, the AutoDesk University conference was back in person in late September 2022. This edition brought the architecture and design industry professionals to New Orleans, Louisiana to see the latest innovations, and this year Yulio participated as a Silver Sponsor. The conference is run by Autodesk, makers of software tools used by architects and designers such as AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Revit, and more.

It was such a pleasure to take part in and sponsor of this event. We connected with many different people from across the industry who were eager to see our solution for getting from Revit to VR in a few clicks - Yulio Jump for Revit. Showing the Yulio software and features off in person proved just how valuable better visual communication to clients was to those who visited us on the conference floor. Here are some of the top highlights for the Yulio team at the Autodesk University 2022 conference.

The Biggest Design Event in the World

Autodesk University is always a major event in the design community. It is an international conference held by the company behind the software that everyone in the architecture, design and engineering industries uses regularly. It’s a meeting place for the top minds in the industry with expert panels and presentations and it’s a chance for companies like Yulio to connect and show innovations in the space to everyday users. Those who can attend can get the best idea of where the industry is going while getting a chance to preview the latest tech and software.

Our first highlight is that this was Yulio’s first time attending the event. Based on our experience connecting with professionals and innovators this year we foresee a future of attending this event regularly and getting to connect with everyone every year.

Sharing the Power and Simplicity of Yulio

Connecting with the community was another major highlight, getting facetime with members of the industry and introducing the unique power and simplicity of Yulio VR to many new people. From our booth on the conference floor, we shared VR and AR experiences that showcased our simple Create, Enhance, Present model for creating practical, business-ready VR in a few clicks. Attendees explored VR environments made directly from Revit and got a feel for the many built-in collaborative and presentation tools Yulio has that make getting a VR presentation in the headset simple.

It was very enlightening to see people exploring Yulio for the first time - the message was clear that many had tried VR before but found there was a lot of friction in the process. Simple ways to incorporate VR into the workflow resonated with everyone.



Our booth at Autodesk University 2022

The feedback we got was about the ease of using Yulio for both the designer and the client really highlighted how VR has been a challenge previously. With Yulio tools like plug-ins for many pieces of software in the Autodesk software suite, such as 3DS max and Revit, the process of turning projects into VR experiences can happen with a few clicks. And it won’t bog down your computer with long rendering times with cloud rendering.

Yulio’s unique approach to delivering the project to the client was also on display, and feedback about this last-mile delivery was very positive. When designers or architects share VR designs with clients, they want to ensure that their clients can explore without a lot of hand-holding. Many people told us they felt confident with the tools within Yulio that it would be easy to share with anyone, no matter their level of experience with VR and crucially these days, both in person and remotely.

Showcasing Yulio and the Talent of our Team

While we were at Autodesk University, we also presented a session of our own and participated in a couple of panels as experts within the VR/AR/XR industry. Sharing our experience with our many testers and early adopters really demonstrated that the VR industry has been around long enough that Yulio hs really helped clear the hurdles. During our session, “Create, Enhance and Present: Practical VR/AR Presentations, Solved”, our very own Ian Hall and Dana Warren presented the power of Yulio to make VR and AR practical business tools. We showcased how Yulio works with Autodesk software such as Revit or your rendering engine of choice.We were able to share with the audience how we’ve solved the challenges that make VR a “sometimes” tool so that its immersive power can be used on every pitch.



Yulio's Dana Warren Speaking on a panel at Autodesk University 2022

Our Customer Success Manager, Dana Warren appeared on two panels related to VR/XR as well. She joined the “Women in XR: Changing how we work, play and interact” and “AR/VR enhances workflow, fuels collaboration and improves decision-making” panels. She had a chance to speak about her experiences in the XR industry and her work in Yulio.


Looking Forward to What’s Next

These were just some of the highlights of attending Autodesk University 2022 last month. Attending these in-person events again and connecting with users is invaluable. We can’t wait for the next large event where we can bring Yulio to even more people and show how we can help you create, enhance and present your ideas.

For more information and guidance on sharing and collaborating on your VR designs with clients, check out our free online resource here. Or if you’re looking to get an introduction to all things Yulio, check out our Yulio product tour.


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Michael Astle

Michael Astle

Michael is a writer for KiSP and Yulio, writing on topics such as renderings, The KITS collaborator, augmented reality, and virtual reality. With a personal interest in technology and design, Michael is always excited to see the newest technological tools and how they can bring ideas to life.