Enhance your NeoCon Presence with VR and Virtual Showrooms

May 25, 2023

The furniture industry is no stranger to trade shows, and one of the year's biggest events is NeoCon, held every June in Chicago. It's a great opportunity for furniture manufacturers and designers to showcase their latest products and connect with potential buyers and partners. However, in spite of the effort that goes into the showrooms, the limitations of physical events restrict their reach to a limited audience. To overcome this hurdle, furniture businesses are turning to virtual showrooms and virtual reality (VR), turning their NeoCon showroom experience into virtual showrooms, and adding NeoCon VR experiences to elevate the value they receive from the show.  

By harnessing the power of virtual reality technology, companies can showcase their furniture products to a global audience year-round. Let's delve deeper into the benefits and opportunities presented by the NeoCon Virtual Showroom and NeoCon VR concept.

Expanding NeoCon Reach with Virtual Showrooms and VR

Creating a NeoCon Virtual Showroom offers manufacturers an incredible opportunity to expand their reach beyond the confines of a physical event. While trade shows like NeoCon attract thousands of visitors, a virtual showroom can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, regardless of their location. This accessibility allows furniture companies to connect with a larger audience, including potential customers who are unable to attend the live event.

NeoCon Virtual Showroom

But it's not just about reach. A virtual showroom with VR also offers a more immersive experience than a traditional website or product catalog. By using VR technology at NeoCon, customers can get a sense of the scale and proportions of a piece of furniture, as well as its texture and finish. This can be especially important for customers who are considering a large purchase like a sofa or conference table. As well, you create a way for customers to interact with your products and learn more than they would from traditional visualizations.

Using Your Virtual Showroom at NeoCon: Enhancing Booth Experience with VR and Product Showcase

If you have already built a virtual experience, tradeshows are a fantastic place to show it off. One of the main advantages of incorporating a virtual showroom into your NeoCon booth is the ability to draw people in with a unique and memorable experience. Virtual reality (VR) brings a ‘wow’ factor and a fun experience where tradeshow attendees can explore and interact with your furniture products in a visually stunning way. By providing a NeoCon VR experience within your booth, you create a buzz and intrigue that naturally attracts visitors. 

Furthermore, a virtual showroom allows you to showcase a much larger selection of products than what can fit within your booth space. With limited square footage, it's challenging to display all the variations, color options, and customization choices that your furniture line offers. However, within the virtual realm, these limitations disappear. You can present an extensive catalog of products, allowing attendees to explore the full range of your offerings, including different sizes, finishes, and configurations. This comprehensive display not only impresses visitors but also increases the chances of finding the perfect fit for their needs.

Showcasing Colors, Finishes, and Customization Options

Virtual showrooms provide an ideal platform for showcasing an extensive range of colors, finishes, and customization options that might not be feasible in a physical showroom. Unlike a physical space that needs constant cleaning and rearrangement to accommodate new product lines or variations, a virtual showroom allows businesses to display every possible option effortlessly. Customers can explore different color combinations, finishes, and customization features, enabling them to make informed choices based on their preferences. This level of flexibility and visual representation enhances the overall customer experience, as they can easily compare and assess different variations of a product in a virtual setting. In virtual reality, they can even get up close and personal with the products and get the best idea of what it will look like in their own spaces.

Constant Updates and Easy Modifications

One of the significant advantages of the Virtual Showroom with VR is the ability to keep it updated and relevant throughout the year. Unlike a physical showroom that requires considerable effort and time to refresh, a virtual showroom can be modified and updated seamlessly. This ensures that customers accessing the showroom are presented with the latest products, designs, and offerings. Businesses can introduce new collections, experiment with different layouts, and incorporate customer feedback promptly. You can even change the signage and branding displayed throughout. This dynamic nature of the virtual showroom keeps the customer engaged and interested, leading to enhanced brand loyalty and increased investment in the showcased furniture products.

neocon virtual showroom 2

Utilizing Augmented Reality in Your Virtual Showroom

The integration of augmented reality (AR) elements takes the Virtual Showroom to the next level. By leveraging AR technology, businesses can provide an interactive experience for their customers. With a simple smartphone, clients can pull out a digital model of any furniture piece from the showroom and place it within their own physical space. This innovative feature enables potential buyers to visualize how the furniture will look and fit within their home or office environment, speeding up the decision-making process.

Sharing Your NeoCon VR Experience at NeoCon

While we have discussed the importance of sharing your virtual showroom and VR experience online to get reach beyond attendees, it can still be beneficial to bring a VR experience to the event for those attending. If you have limited booth space, or want to showcase your products in a different setting, bringing along a VR experience can allow you to extend your presence at the conference. At the same time, it makes the experience for those who visit your booth much more memorable and engaging.

AR example

If you decide to bring VR with you to NeoCon, consider some logistics before you arrive. Ensure you have a proper way to display your VR experience whether it's through a monitor or headset (headsets definitely get people excited). As well make sure you have an easy way to link to your virtual reality experience and virtual showroom. With Yulio we use QR codes, or sms codes that make getting VR into the hands of attendees extremely simple. 

The Virtual Showroom, developed by our sister company KiSP and enhanced with VR from Yulio, revolutionizes how furniture businesses present their products to a global audience. By harnessing the power of virtual reality and augmented reality, companies can extend their reach, engage customers with interactive experiences, showcase a wide range of colors and finishes, and effortlessly update and modify their showrooms. As the furniture industry continues to embrace digital innovation, a NeoCon Virtual Showroom or NeoCon VR experience stands out as an essential tool for maximizing investment and connecting with customers beyond the limitations of physical trade shows.


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