Mobile VR: Zuckerberg's Appearance at the Galaxy S7 Launch

February 29, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg’s show-stealing appearance at last weekend’s Samsung Galaxy S7 release has put the Internet on high alert: will the virtual reality revolution be bigger than mobile VR?

The release of the Galaxy S7 quickly faded into the background after a surprise appearance by Mark Zuckerberg, who announced that Facebook and Samsung would be working together in an effort to bring mobile VR solutions to the public.

With figures like Zuckerberg and names like Samsung, Facebook, HTC and Google behind the virtual reality movement, it won’t be long before mainstream virtual reality is practical, affordable and spreading like wildfire into the hands of consumers.

What does this mean from a business perspective? The businesses who adopt this new technology now may be lone wolves for now, but they’ll be right at the head of the pack when the rest of the catchers-on come running. Incorporating virtual reality into the way you do business gives you an edge over the rest, both in your daily working life and in the way you interact with customers and prospects.

“Information technology” used to be a niche industry. Now it’s possibly the most dominating aspect of our personal and professional lives. If virtual reality is to be the next wave of innovation, we’d suggest getting on to it.

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Image courtesy of Stefano Tinti/Shutterstock.


Yulio Team